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Botanical Incenses Getting Banned is Another Step Toward Socialism Or Dictatorship

A small simple law that will ban the herbal incenses is actually a much deeper statement than it would appear buy spice online. Many of the concerns of the Legislators are soap box rhetoric in which they preach so they can MISUSE the power granted them. Never has any politician voted in any office been given the power to dictate what they consider right or wrong. Government officials were voted in to represent the majority of the people. Once that philosophy is shucked to the side and the Officials start deciding what is right and wrong for the people, we lose that one thing that makes the USA so very different from all the rest, we no longer are a Democracy!! Once we lose representation we become a socialist regime or a dictatorship.

If the Legislators are so concerned with saving us from ourselves, let us start with the big boys who sell products we know through studies are harmful. We know that TOBACCO is an addictive product. We know that TOBACCO is number one in contributing to the Health Care Crisis. We know the effects it has on everyone from pregnant women to underage children to non smokers who inhale second hand smoke. AND YET, it is OK with the LEGISLATORS that we sell these products. WHERE IS THE MIGHTY SOAPBOX FOR THE POLITICIANS TO SAVE US!!!

Someone tell me what the actual purpose of selling any beverage with alcohol content, from beer to whiskey. Of course I mean a reason other than to get people HIGH. Alcohol is also an addictive product. We again know from years of studies the effects that drinking has on pregnant women and underage children. We read daily in the newspapers about DWI’s and DUI’s, from 1st offense to 8th offense. AND I THANK YOU LEGISLATORS FOR TURNING YOUR HEAD ON THIS ONE ALSO!!! Apparently the soapbox height must be intimidating to our brave representatives that they won’t stand up and save us all from these products.

At least the Herbal Incenses have stated warnings NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Alcohol blatantly advertises to consume their product. I believe it is said that if you drink 3 or 4 drinks in an hour you will test over the legal limit of alcohol content and be considered Intoxicated. I don’t see the LEGISLATORS rallying for measures that insure no one can have more than 1 drink an hour to save us! It is known that even though the age limit for both Alcohol and Tobacco are 21, minors get these products and again I ask ” Where are the Legislators at when they surely could pass a bill to save us all.”

In Louisiana, Rep. Walter Leger wanted to put a 21 age limit to be able to purchase the incense. REP. WOOTON emphatically stated that a 21 age requirement would not be enough. Out of his own mouth came these words ” it would then be like BEER, and the underage people would just get their friends to buy it for them.” And not a word from any other legislator. SO WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS THE LEGISLATORS ADMITTING THEY KNOW ALCOHOL is getting to minors illegally and we will knowingly and willingly turn a blind eye because WHY?

One of the other LOUISIANA Legislators, whose name escapes me, stated he doesn’t care how much revenue is generated from this industry, we need to ban it. And I ask quite simply, “If the revenue is not important than please tell me and everyone else why we let Alcohol and Tobacco continue as a business.” We aren’t sure of what the effects are on our youth and pregnant women and any other group. APARENTLY THAT REALLY DOESN”T MATTER!!! We know for years the effects of both Alcohol and Tobacco, and we sell it by the millions regardless. TO BAN THIS INDUSTRY WOULD BE AN ACT OF DISCRIMINATION IN BUSINESS. IT WOULD BE ANOTHER STEP TOWARD GOVERNMENT CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE RATHER THAN GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE.

I am sure everything said here will be disregarded and the Legislators will vote as they want. They will not even take into consideration that they were put in office by the people to be for the people, the majority of the people. OUR great democratic country is headed toward destruction not from an outside source as always feared, but from the inside by our own people who have forgotten what made this country great.